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DMCA, Removal, Copyrights, and Fair Uses

First of all, we do not copy articles or any paragraph from the web or any website, we ourselves write the articles/posts on the website. If you still think that a few lines were copied from your site/app, then there is nothing to complain about, the lines/texts might have been used for fair uses. We do not copy or steal post/article. However, If you still believe that an article was copied by us, kindly fill the Removal Request describing and putting the webpage link and we shall remove the article from our website as soon as possible.

Images: We use images in our articles and web pages as thumbnail and images. If you believe that any image  has been used in a page or article, the owner of it is you and if we used the images without any permission then it violates and infringes the DMCA and Copyrights acts, kindly feel the Removal Request describing and putting the link of the images, we shall remove the image from our website ASAP.