How To Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode in Official Version

Hello, WhatsApp user do you know recently WhatsApp officially rellies dark mode feature. And in this post, we will know all about Enable WhatsApp Dark with we will know how to enable. So if you don’t know about this topic then this article only for you. Also, we will know the advantage of these features, and it’s really good news for those people who use WhatsApp a longtime. And don’t worry about this feature because it’s official WhatsApp update feature.

Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode

Advantage of WhatsApp Dark Mode

Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode

As we know WhatsApp is a most popular online chatting or communication platform where we can make a call also using data creation. And it was basic information of WhatsApp now we will know why we need this dark mode. So as I have told you millions of people use this App and lots of users use this App longtime. And that’s why officials developed invent this dark mode to save our eyes. As may you know mobile or any devices display light harm our human eyes when we use too much. And that’s why this feature updates WhatsApp official. So if you also use WhatsApp a long time then you should also enable Dark Mode.

How to Enable Dark Mode

How to Enable Dark Mode

Very easy to enable WhatsApp Dark Mode and here I will show to step by step only for you. And it’s totally WhatsApp official inbuilt update feature so you don’t need any other Application.

1, Steps: Tap on header 3 dot And then click on Setting option.

2. Steps: Now you are on your main profile setting where you will see Chats Option, So click on it.

3. Steps: Once you visit chats option then where you will see display setting or chat setting. So you will see Them option> Light> Dark. So chose your theme color and click on it.

And then just one click your theme will change. So it’s totally WhatsApp’s own feature update so don’t use any app to enable dark mode.

Massage for You: And make sure your WhatsApp is the latest new version (v2.20.123) because of these features only for the new version. If you don’t use updated version WhatsApp then let’s update your WhatsApp form any official App Store like Google Store, etc.


In this post, we have discussed WhatsApp Dark Mode also how to enable this theme. With we have known the advantage of WhatsApp dark Mode so if you any doubt or question-related this post then you can comment below we will try our best to give your answer. Thank you for reading this post keep visiting TricksNext.Com for more amazing WhatsApp related news. Have a great day.

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