How To Fixed App Not Installed Problem (100% Solved) for Android

If you also facing a problem with your Android device which is App Not Installed?. Then congratulation you have visited on the right page in this post we will know to solved a problem Fixed App Not Installed. As you know this major problem you will face when you want to install a third-party APK file. So most of the time this problem is not a big issue. But with can be more problematic and we will know all abut of How To Fixed App Not Installed.

So you have an APK file in your android device and now you want to install in your phone but this APK can’t install. Now you have to know why this problem you are facing.

Some Reason for App Not Installed Problem

Fixed App Not Installed Problem

Here I will show you some most major issues, that’s why your APK not install. And I’m sure after knowing this fact you will able to install APK in your android device so let’s know those issues.

  1. May Your Devise Don’t Have Enable Unknown Source.
  2. APK File May Not Valid Version.
  3. Security App Issue.
  4. Same App Have Already Installed.

So here is your your major issues that’s why may your APK not install if know how to solve those problem then you can install a APK. And now we will know how to fixed those issues.

Explained Major Issues of App Not Installed Problem

Here I will explain all major behind the Problem of App Not install Issues so let’s know. Now without wasting time, you should know all your problems.

1. Device Don’t Have Enable Unknown Source

Enable Unknown Source

Most people don’t know about Unknown Source also if you don’t know to enable this setting then read continue. And if you have a question about why this need then your answer is you not download that APK file any official App store like GooglePlay Store, etc. So that’s why this security option you have to enable another way your APK file will not install. And to enable unknown source visit Device Setting> Security> Unknown Source> and just enable.

Note: After enabling this setting you will able to install any third party APK. But before install APK you should know all about that APK which you gonna install. Because lots of third party APK can spy your data so make sure your APK is safe.

2. APK File May Not Valid Version

Not Valid Version

Lots of websites by mistake provided us with a expire APK file and that’s why not installed on our phone. So make sure your APK file is 100% working version and Valid Version. Also, I will recommend you always download the latest version APK and trusted site. And this is a very basic reason to not install the APK problem.

3. Security App Issue

Not Valid Version

If your phone has an install a Security App then makes sure also that APK may not allow to you install App. So how you know this issue and to know about it very easily. Some of the Security App will show you when APK will not install with full reason. And lots of Security App doesn’t show any info about why not can be installed. So in case, you can visit that Security App and Setting> install App> permission.

4. Same App Have Already Installed

 Already Installed

If you a Mod (Modify) version APK or game lover and you have download a Mod APK form internet and now that APK not install?. So make sure all previous issues also may you have already installed the original version. Now if you have already installed the same version App, but in the modded version then that also APK will not be installed.

Note So next time before installing an APK make sure that APK has already installed or not.

 install an APK file successfully

The Final Victor

In this article, I have show you How To Fixed App Not Installed problem and some reason with explained. So if you have any doubt about this post then you can comment below with your problem I will try my best to give your reply. Now next time before Installing a Third-Party APK make sure this point then you can also install an APK file successfully. Thank you for reading this post keep visiting with for more content like this. Have a good day.

Pleas Note Also: In this post information only for education purposes we are not promoting any App or misusing thing.

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