FMWhatsApp 2 APK Download v8.12 (FMWA 2) | Latest Updated for Android

FMWhatsApp 2 Latest 2020 Version is the latest mod for WhatsApp which is an up-gradation of FMWhatsApp mod APK. Like FMWhatsApp, FMWA 2 also has similar features in terms of privacy, customization, appearance, user interface etc. but better. To get all these, we use mods instead of choosing official WhatsApp because it lacks in features. And we can’t compromise with features. Download 2020 FMWhatsApp 2 APK for Android now.

As we all know, we are living in a world of social media and technology where keep in touch with people is so necessary and with stability, fast performance and features. All these are available in 2020 Latest FMWhatsApp 2. We can do so many things in this latest WhatsApp mod. Read the article below to get all the information about FMWA 2 APK 2020 Version.

The Benefits of FMWhatsApp 2 APK 2020 Version

Nowadays we can find so many WhatsApp mods but how do we know, which will fit for us. If you are thinking this then you should try this latest 2020 Version of FMWhatsApp 2 APK. It is fast than most of the WhatsApp mods available right now on the internet. It has tons of themes which can make your WhatsApp interface pretty cool. Also, FMWhatsapp 2 2020 is an Anti-ban WhatsApp mod just like FMWhatsApp.

FMWhatsapp 2020 APK Download Latest Version

FMWhatsApp 2 APK
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FMWhatsApp 2 APK 2020 Version Info

App Size:53 MB
Download on:GooglePlay
Specialty:DND Mod + Anti-ban
Requires Android:4.1 and up
Last Update:10 FEB 2020

Features of Updated 2020 Version of FMWhatsApp 2

FMWhatsApp 2 2020 APK has the same features as the FMWA but FMWhatsApp 2 is much easier to use and has a better overall experience in terms of performance, theming, etc. So the features of FMWhatsApp 2 are:

  • Overall boost in experience
  • Better privacy options
  • The user interface is changed and improved
  • 1 GB overall file support at a time
  • Videos and images sharing limits are increased.
  • High quality of videos and images can be sent.
  • Hundreds of themes are available now.
  • Better customization than FMWhatsApp.
  • Hidden features are improved.
  • Lock system improved.
  • DND mode improved.
  • Anti-ban system improved.
  • New look with a better experience.
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Explained features of FMWhatsApp 2 APK 2020 Version

The explanation of FMWhatsApp 2 features is here. And if you still confused about any feature, just comment down below and we will help in no time.

Boost in Experience

fmwhatsapp 2 boosted experience

You must have used some of the old WhatsApp mods which have a very bad experience in terms of performance and stability. But with this new FMWhatsApp 2 mod, you will experience the best and new generation mod feeling with lots of features and customization.

Privacy Options

Fmwhatsapp 2 privacy options

Privacy option is a key of every WhatsApp mods. In Updated Version of FMWhatsApp 2 mod, the privacy options are improved. In older versions of WhatsApp mods, there are bugs and crashes while using privacy features like changing last seen, customizing profile but in the new FMWhatsApp 2, these features work properly.

User Interface

Fmwhatsapp 2 user interface

We are so bored with the old user interface of WhatsApp mods, but with the new FMWhatsApp 2, there is an up-gradation on the UI. Now it will give you a better look with a smooth experience.

File Sharing

Fmwhatsapp 2 file sharing

File sharing is very important in day to day life. Sharing files for work and assignment is a big issue for the official WhatsApp as it supports few features of sharing. On FMWhatsApp 2 APK, we are able to share up to 1Gb of files at a time which is just awesome.

Videos and Images

Fmwhatsapp 2 images and video sharing

Videos and images can be shared with the original quality and size. FMWhatsApp 2 supports up to 50 Mb of videos at a time. We can share more than 10 images on FMWA 2 instead of just 10 on the official version. This is why people normally use WhatsApp mods to get all these features.

New Themes and Better Customization

Fmwhatsapp 2 new themes

New themes are released with the new version of FMWhatsApp 2. It contains hundreds of free themes on its store. All these new themes have better quality than the old mods themes. Customization of the home screen, user interface and themes can be done in FMWhatsApp 2. With these customization options, FMWA 2 is popular and highly usable.

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Other Features of Updated 2020 FMWhatsApp 2 APK

Hidden features are well improved with the new FMWhatsApp 2.

The lock system is also improved. Now you can lock your chats more easily and even with your fingerprint.

DND mode is improved. Now you are able to turn on sleep mode so that you won’t get notifications.

Anti-ban system is also improved. You won’t be banned by using FMWhatsApp 2 even for a longer time. Enjoy all the features of FMWA 2 without any fear of the ban.

Here we are providing a fast download button with the help of which you can easily download FMWhatsApp 2. Unlike many fake sites, we care about our visitors to make a happy experience with our website. Download FMWhatsApp 2 by tapping on the download button and enjoy all the hidden features of FMWA 2. Also, if you are looking for other fresh mods for WhatsApp and Instagram, then you can check our website. We have the working, safe and latest mods on our website.

Download 2020 FMWhatsApp 2 APK

FMWhatsApp 2 APK
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FM WhatsApp 2 Apk Download


Size: 53MB

Installation guide of FMWhatsApp 2 APK 2020 Download

So you must have read all the features and want to install FMWhatsApp 2 but you must read the installation guide first for FMWhatsApp 2 mod APK. And for your kind information, it is a very easy installation guide. So, read the guide of FMWhatsApp 2 APK. So that you won’t face problems while installing this FMWA 2 Mod. Follow these easy steps for properly install the FMWA 2 mod APK. Also, if you have read about other mods on our website and you know how to install mods, then you can skip this part. As installation guide is similar for all WhatsApp and Instagram mods.


After you download FMWhatsApp 2 mod APK on your Android device, you have to enable installation from an unknown source. We need to enable this option because FMWA 2 is not available on official stores like the Google play store etc. To enable unknown source installation, simply go to>device settings>security>permissions>enable unknown source. To install any mod, we first have to enable unknown source installation in order to install APK on our devices.


After enabling installation from an unknown source, you need to locate the FMWA 2 APK file in your Android device. For this you have to go to>device storage>downloads>FMWhatsApp 2 APK. Now just tap on the install button and wait for some time. If you have a high-performance device, it will take less time as compared to low ram devices.


Well, now the installation is completed safely. Now you can open FMWhatsApp 2 mod APK. You can make an account and enjoy all these features of FMWA 2 on your device. But before going anywhere, you may read some more information about FMWhatsApp 2 mod APK. Read the frequently asked questions-answers for more information down below.

Frequently Asked Questions about FMWhatsApp 2 2020 Version

Fmwhatsapp 2 qna

As you know, some questions just come in our minds while using any WhatsApp mods. Here we will discuss some of the frequently asked questions about FMWhatsApp regarding the device safety, anti-ban feature, and other extra features. So, let’s see if this faq will help you or not. I hope so, it will help you to clear your thoughts but if still, you have some ideas and questions of FMWhatsApp, just comment in our comment box. We are easy to contact. Just put your problem, we will try to answer as soon as possible.

Question: Is 2020 FMWhatsApp 2 App Version safe for my device?

Indeed. FMWhatsApp 2 MOD APK is 100% safe for your device. It requires no roots as well. We provide mods free from malware and harmful features on our website. Make sure you visit our website to download safe mod APKs of WhatsApp and Instagram.

Question: How can I download the latest updates of FMWhatsApp 2?

It is pretty simple and easy. Just remember our website name “” and visit anytime when you get the news about mod updates. We update our mods as fast as possible to ensure you the best experience with the latest features. We also provide a one-tap downloading button for our mods. You can download the latest updates of FMWhatsApp 2 from our website easily.

Question: Can I use the same account for WhatsApp official and FMWhatsApp 2?

Yes, you can but whenever you will add your account in these two, the first will automatically remove your account. But don’t worry it’s safe. No need to worry about changing accounts.

Question: Can I send the original quality of images in FMWhatsApp 2?

Yes, FMWhatsApp 2 supports the original quality of images and videos. You can share high-resolution images and large videos on FMWhatsApp 2 mod. This feature is improved from FMWhatsApp on the latest FMWA 2.

Question: My account will be banned by using FMWhatsApp 2?

No, your account is safe and will not be banned in FMWA 2 because of the anti-ban system. The anti-ban system in WhatsApp mods is improving with the new updates which help you to use these mods for a longer time. So, don’t worry about the account ban, because it will not gonna happen.

The Final Verdict

After reading this article and knowing everything about FMWhatsApp 2 APK 2020 for Android, you must be amazed by its features and new look. It is developed and improved by Fouad Mokdad who is the founder of FMWhatsApp. FMWA 2 also has the same features but in a good manner and with a boosted experience and a smooth touch. So what do you think about FMWhatsApp 2 mod APK? Your opinion is important so comment in our comment box down below to help us to improve our mods and updates. Download Latest 2020 Version of FMWhatsApp 2 MOD APK on our website with a fast and easy method.

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