FMWhatsApp APK (Anti-Ban) 10.23 Latest Version (FMWA) Download

FMWhatsApp APK: is a safe Mod version of original WhatsApp and in this post, we will know all about this FMWA APK. Also, if you looking to download this new updated FMWhatsApp APK then you are congrats you have visit right page. Because of this article, I have provided you a direct download link of the Latest Version FMWhatsApp APK. And the good news on this site always you will get the latest and updated APK’s.

Nowadays WhatsApp is the most popular online chatting platform and now WhatsApp has in the Web version. Whatever, on this post we will know features of FMWhatsApp in deeply. And first of all, let’s know what is FMWA APK actually.

What is There in FMWhatsApp APK?

FMWhatsApp APK

As you know the official WhatsApp we use as a messenger but in this FM version, WhatsApp Mod version has lots of customizing features. And on this post, I will explain all about this FMWhatsApp APK v8.27 Latest version. And one of the most famous features sends a video up to 1bg, privacy setting, fully different emojis, etc. So read below to know more about this APK.

Info Of FMWhatsApp APK

App Name:FMWhatsApp APK
Specialty:Inbuilt Security
Developed by:Fouad Mokdad
Last Update:1 Day Ago

Download Latest FMWhatsApp APK (v10.23)

FMWhatsApp APK

Download Now APK

Size: 52MB

What Are The Latest Features of FMWhatsApp APK

  • Privacy and Security
  • FMThemes
  • Universal Setting
  • Inbuilt Security
  • DND Mode
  • Send original Media

Privacy and Security

FMWhatsApp APK

You are strict to your Privacy Security then you can use this FM Mod APK because in this version provide us trusted developer Fouad Mokdad. And do you know may WhatsApp Mod APK don’t have any source but in this Mod provider shares with us all about like there social platform. So download now FMWhatsApp APK and keep secure your Privacy.


NSWhatsApp APK

Do you have any idea about the FMThemes store? if not then let me talk to you. As you know a normal WhatsApp has only one theme and recently dark version also add. Whatever in this FM version is fully modification version APK where you can cheng view look to cheng an FMThemes. Like you can customize as you wish, with moreover 1000+ Themes. So just click on the download button and get your FMWA APK latest version.

Universal Setting

FMWhatsApp APK

I have already told you, you can customize this WhatsApp Mod APK as you wish. And in this Universal Setting, you will see in FMWhatsApp only where you can set your more setting. This Universal, Setting has lots of different types of setting like colors cheng, Font Style, Hide Media form gallery, Backup and restore, etc.

Inbuilt Security

WhatsApp Aero APK

If you use an app lock application to lock your WhatsApp then stop it. Because in this FMWhatsApp has an Inbuilt Security option where you can lock this WhatsApp easily. If you want to lock your chat then you can also this. And you know better these features don’t have Normal WhatsApp. Download now FM version WhatsApp Mod APK and use all latest features.

DND Mode

FMWhatsApp APK

Are you edited to getting lots of group messages? then just enable DND mode and then all SMS and notifications will be munt. So you can sit at a conference meeting without any worry. Also, this FMWhatsApp APK has Airplane mode, while Airplane mode is one, you will not be able to send/receive messages.

Send original Media

FMWhatsApp APK

Do you know our original media become a compressed version when we send in official Whatsapp APK? So if you don’t like to loos your media quality then use this FMWA this APK will send original quality. Now if you have any trust issue to use this Mod APK then you can read below FAQ where you will get the answer. Now click on the download button and get now your latest version FMWhatsApp APK.

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What’s New in FMWhatsApp APK

  • Exclusive: Click to Mark Status as Viewed!
  • Fixed
    • Go To First Message
    • Option to Enable 5-min status/story
    • Option to Increase forward limit to 250! (instead of 5)
    • Increased Delete message time (delete for everyone) to 100 days!
    • Hidden chats call visible in Calls tab
    • Live Location
    • “Mark as Seen” and saving incorrect status/story
    • Black ticks instead of blue on some phones
    • Bouncing/flicker text in the home screen
    • Old emojis has missing emojis
    • Status not showing font style
    • IG Statuses style crash
    • IG Statuses style image background issue
    • Base 2.19.291
  • Fixed: More bug fixes and improvements!

Some More Popular Features of FMWhatsApp APK

FMWhatsApp APK
  1. Message a number Without Save Contact: In this FM version you can send a message without saved number. So if you are wan to these features then you have downloaded this version.
  2. Custom Wallpaper per Contact: Per person, wallpaper features have this FMWA APK and it really helps full. Also if you want to impress your friend then you can set default profile pic wallpaper features.
  3. Voice Notes Audio Mode: You like to hide your original voice then just visit> FM setting> Voice Mode. Whare you can set voice cheng option.
    1. Enable Proximity sensor
    2. Disable Output Switching
  4. FMWA Widget: Visit widget setting and customize as you wish.
  5. AutoReply: Don’t have enough time to replay a person? then set up an autoreply setting.

Install Guide

To install FMWhatsApp APK successfully read below. First of all, you have to download the provided APK file form this site. But if you gonna install a Mod APK in your device then you have to do one more step which enables an unknown source. And if you want to know why this permission require? then let me explain. May you know this is a modded version WhatsApp and GooglePlay don’t like copied. And that’s why you will never see the APK any official App store. But you can found this App on the internet where some sites will provide you. So let’s know how to enable unknown sources.

  • To Enabel unknown sources>> Divise setting>> Install Apps>> permission>> Just give blue tick on unknown sources.


After enabling unknown sources then you will able to install a MOD APK including FMWhatsApp APK. So now visit on file manager and found this Apk. And I will help you to found it because of some people after download this APK they can’t found it. So if you using a chrome browser to download FMWhatsApp APK, then Visit file manager>> Download folder and scroll and found FMWA APK. And then click on APK file.

FMWhatsApp APK


Now your APK will start the installation process and it will take some time. And you can see live install may this proses can take 5-8 seconds but sometimes it depends on your phone perform. So wait for it and when APK will successfully install then just click on the OPEN button. Now open and enjoy all latest features.

FMWhatsApp APK

Notes: After install APK you have verified with your valid number as like original WhatsApp. Then where also you have to give sone permission like strong, contact, camera, etc.

Download Latest FMWhatsApp APK

FMWhatsApp APK

Download Now APK

Size: 52MB

Mostly People Ask this questions (FAQ)

Can I use orignal or FMWhatsApp in one Phone?

Yes, you can use official WhatsApp and FMWhatsApp both on your phone without any problem. Because both versions are not the same so if you want to use this FM version for business purposes then use it without any issue.

Is FMWhatsApp APK Safe For My Devise?

FMWA APK developed by Fouad Mokdad and this APK doesn’t need rood to require. And after collecting all points I will talk to you, YES this FMWhatsAapp is 100% safe for you.

How To Download FMWhatsApp APK?

Very easy to download FMWhatsApp just you have to click on Download button and then you will visit then Download Page where you will see all latest version. So chose your version and hit download now then downloading will start. The good new is in this site provide you direct CDN download link so Download now FMWA APK without clickbait or ads for Android.

Final Victor

Download FMWhatsApp APK for your Android device which is the latest Anti-Ban Version. And in this Mod Whatsapp will beat for those people who use WhatsApp for business purposes or group. Also if you want to see in your WhatsApp something new then you should use it. Because in this Modded APK has lots of features and updated that you will never saw in the original WhatsApp APK. Spacily this APK famous for FM Theme, Font Style, Color customized, etc and I’m pretty sure you will love this Mod WhatsApp APK too. So click on the Download button and get your FMWA APK latest version for Android.

Thanks to Developer

I would like to say thanks to Fouad Mokdad for providing this APK also you can help this person by giving some donation. And you can donate them by PayPal or another method and all contact form will this APK. Also thank you for reading this article keep visit for more such content. Have a good day.

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