GBWhatsApp Themes 5 New Update You Should Know in 2020

GBWhatsApp Themes only support in GBWA APK and if you gonna install a new GB Theme. Then you should know this 5 exclusive update in GBWhatsApp Themes. And in this post, we will know the latest 5 unknown updates. So keep read this post to know all Features of the GBWhatsApp APK theme update.

As you know GBWA APK looks like original WhatsApp and you can call also WhatsApp Mod Version. And WhatsApp Mod APK has a few types like YoWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, Gold WhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp, including GBWhatsApp APK. But popular WhatsApp Mod APK is the GB version. In this GB version, Mod WhatsApp recently updated and there also add lots of new themes. GBWhatsApp Themes 5 New Update you should know in 2020 to know more information.

What is GBWhatsApp Themes Update

GBWhatsApp Themes

GBWhatsApp APK is the most popular WhatsApp Mod Version where you will be getting lots of extra features that haven’t in original WhatsApp. And if you a GBWhatsApp APK user then this post will help you. Because in this post we will know 5 new updates in GBWhatsApp Themes. And don’t have any idea about GBWA Theme them let me explain. GBWhatsApp Themes is inbuild features that you can install and set on one Click, in this GBWhatsApp Themes store has more than 4500+ themes. Where you can install them for free and that’s will give your WhatsApp a new look.

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Exclusive Update of GBWhatsApp Themes

If you are a GBWA APK user then this post for you, below I have shown you all the latest updates of GBWhatsApp Themes. So if you also note more updates then you can comment below I will add.

  • All Bug fixes
  • Fast Performance
  • More Customised Theme
  • One-Click to Reset Default Theme
  • GBWA APK Now Add More Than 300+ Themes

All Bug fixes

GBWhatsApp Themes

Do you know your previs GBWhatsApp APK was lots of bugs? And the good news is in this 8.40 APK version has fixed all themes bugs. So if still use old version then I will suggest you update your old GBWhatsApp APK Now. And you want to use a new version then you can download from this site for free. If you talk about other features bugs, like Live Location, Hidden chats call visible in calls tab, etc. To download New version GBWhatsApp APK just searches on this site GBWA and download it with a direct download link.

Fast Performance

KineMaster Diamond APK

The old version was too slow Performance that now fixed in this new version. So always try to use new and updated version APK. In this GBWhatsApp APK has fixed and more improved developer Performance. So updated your GB Mod WhatsApp APK and access with fast. Basically in this new version, GBWA APK improved fast catting, share media, also fixed flicker text in the home screen.

More Customised Theme

GBWhatsApp Themes

Congratulation on those people who would like to use GBWhatsApp APK fully Customised. Because in this new version add lots of setting in theme, like in this new version APK you can set default DP (display picture) Wallpaper. And if you don’t know about it, then let me know you. When your friend will update a DP and if you want to set your friends DP in your wallpaper only for that chat section. Then now you can and I’m sure these features will help you to impress your friends. To set default DP wallpaper>> GBWhaatsApp Setting>> Conversation Screen>> Custom Wallpaper per contact>> Enable.

One-Click to Reset Default Theme

GBWhatsApp Themes

In this New, GBWhatsApp APK has more than 4000 new themes and you can install anyone for free. And if thing your used lots of themes and now you want to set an old one. Then just click on Reset Default Theme and then your theme will be rest. Also, lots of people customized their a theme wrong and then APK gonna slow, this section also happen with also with you then you can rest your thems setting in one click.

GBWA APK Now Add More Than 300+ Themes

GBWhatsApp Themes

New GBWhatsApp is recently updated and their developer adds more than 3000+ new themes. And if you want to use some more new themes in your WhatsApp APK then lets updated your GBWA APK. These new themes have an all-new category like love, gaming, 3D view, etc. So download now 2020 latest version GBWhatsApp APK form this site here I share with you latest and new version Apk’s.

Final Victor

So What do you think? are you ready to update your old GBWhatsApp APK? In this post I have shared with you 5 GBWhatsApp Themes Unknown Update You Should Know in 2020 about GBWA APK. If this article help you then comment below which features you knew already or which you don’t know. And in this site also provided people latest version WhatsApp and Instagram Mod APK and also you can check out. Thank you for reading this GBWhatsApp Themes related, keep visit for more updated

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