Keyword Research: A beginner’s guide for bloggers

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Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about keyword research. Earlier in this blog, we had learned to create a website (If you do not see it, you can see this by going to this link). Now how to write articles by doing keyword research on that website and how to earn money from it. The keyword research that I will tell you in this blog will not be for affiliate marketing. It will only be for Google AdSense and will also show how pro bloggers who are already in this industry do keyword research.

This blog is for all those who make a blog in Hindi or English or any language, write a blog on any topic. You will find all the keywords, and it is also straightforward to need some paid and unpaid tools.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is an important part of our article, which works to bring traffic to our blog. Basically, its goal is to find keywords that many people search on Google. Its advantage is that your website starts ranking on Google search. Once you get the right keywords and write content with them, Google likes your content. It is contemplated as a pillar of an SEO campaign.

Keyword research tools:

Tools are enough, but there is no free tool so far, and there are some quite good tools. So let’s see some similar tools.

  1. ubersuggest

These are two excellent tools that help in all these, be it Backlinks or keyword research. There are many more tools that work free to certain limits and then have to get their membership, like WORD TRACKER.
Let’s know about these tools.


Ubersuggest is a free tool for some limits. The blogger himself is a pro-level blogger in the blogging industry, so he has an excellent knowledge of keyword research. It has a lot of functions that can be easily understood.

AHREFS is a fully paid tool, and it also gives accurate information. I want to tell you that most bloggers in the industry use this tool and rank their websites high by doing keyword research. There are also many good functions in it, which is very important.

These 2 tools are considered very good and other tools that help in keyword research.

Before knowing how to do keyword research and how all these tools work, I would like to share some things. I am also learning to blog every day, and it is not necessary to write articles in blogging, but that article should be clean and attractive. When I started blogging, I was unaware of keyword research tools, keyword research tools, Google keyword research tools, keyword research tips, and all. I just knew that Seo helps to rank articles on Google and write blogs. It is essential to know the right keywords so that your website will rank well.

How to do Keyword Research:

As I mentioned above about keyword research tools, I know how to do keyword research.

Like ubersuggest gives us many features, and one of these features is keyword research that you will find in the front. Then, we will put a keyword according to the niche in it and see how many keywords are found to have more use. After getting the keywords, we will write the article with the same keywords.

For example: Here, we take the keyword named Technology and, by searching, see what keywords are associated with the technology keyword and rank it. In addition to searching on the bottom side, a search related to technology will also see which keywords are showing there. The technology keyword is going to score high here. In focus keyword, we will use keywords in search of keywords in technology and relevant keywords.

Now we see here, the search volume of technology word is very high, and Seo Difficulty is also fine. Paid Difficulty is also showing Easy.

Keyword Overview

Let’s also see its keyword ideas. All the keywords written here are coming, and you should all use them in your article. As it is written here, Technology News, whose volume is looking good, and its SD, i.e., score, is low, which means that this keyword can be easily ranked.

Keyword Ideas

These were some keyword research tips by using which you can also earn well from your article. You can search for more tools on Google, type tools for keyword research, keyword search on Google, or keyword research tools free. With the help of these Surrey Tools, you can find and write keywords for your article.

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