PicsArt Mod APK v15.2.6 (Premium/Gold) Download Latest 2020

Are you one of those who love taking photos and videos? Then you will want to make the photos more attractive before sharing them with your friends. There is certainly an app that you should be considering. PicsArt. It is an editing application for photos and videos. This app allows you to apply effects, stickers, filters, text, drawing, frames, enhance colors, and many more.

You are getting more features for editing in its gold membership. For example, ‘cutout’ to remove the background from your pic, ‘remove’ option to remove the selected part from the pic, video editing with exclusive effects and filters. And yes, there will be ads too in the free official app. But there will be no problems with ads and subscription fees in PicsArt Mod APK Latest Version.

What’s Special About PicsArt Mod APK?

PicsArt Mod APK

PicsArt Mod is a modified application that unlocks all the premium features of the official app. And no subscription fees are required to do that. Plus, there will be no ads playing during your editing. You don’t have to stop in the wait of the ads’ end. Exclusive effects, video editing, filters, you can access them for free and carry on with your editing.

You can add stickers and also make your stickers, doodle on photos, and overlays multiple pics. Also, one can also explore others’ photography and follow them on PicsArt. You can download the app from here and also installation guide is given below.

PicsArt Mod APK Info

APK NamePicsArt Mod
APK Size61MB
Required Android
Last Updated1 week ago

Premium Features

  • Dispersion
  • Remove Tool
  • Exclusive Filters
  • Exclusive Effects
  • Video Editing
  • No Ads
  • Beauty Premium
  • Premium Stickers and Frames
  • Unlocked All Brushes and Mask Effects

Download PicsArt Mod APK Latest Version

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Features’ Explanation

PicsArt Mod APK

We have explained all the features of PicsArt Mod in the following sub-sections. If you wanna know more about the app and its features, check them out. Feel free to comment.


Dispersion is the tool that provides the option to scatter the selected part of the photo into pieces. Using dispersion is so easy. Just select the dispersion option, then select the part of the pic with your finger. That selected part will shatter into pieces.

Remove Tool

By using the ‘remove’ tool, you can remove any object from the pic. Just select the part you want to remove and it will be removed perfectly.

Exclusive Filters

PicsArt provides so many filters i.e. glitch, GRNG, PLRD, VNYL, BRL, 1970, 1996, COZY, and many more. These are all exclusive filters and only available to its premium users who have spent the money on its membership. But PicsArt Mod APK is providing these filters to all users without paying any penny.

Exclusive Effects

There are 1000+ effects available for you to use in your photos. Some of the effects are Fx, Canvas, Sketch, Pop Art. These effects also contain many types of sub-effects. PicsArt Mod APK provides all these effects at zero cost to use.

Video Editing

Video editing is only available in the gold membership of the official PicsArt. And only premium users can use it. But PicsArt Mod Apk is proving video editing freely with exclusive effects and filters too.

No Ads

PicsArt Mod Apk eliminates all ads and clears your way of photo editing. Enjoy your editing in an ad-free environment and you don’t need to buy any membership for this.

Beauty Premium

Beauty enhancing features are the most usable features by the girls. There are some beauty tools in the free official version to use. Slapping a stop sign on the girls’ face saying,” Stop! Buy Gold Membership to use all beauty features” But the mod version of this app replaces that stop sign with ‘carry on’ sign, providing all beauty features for free.

Premium Stickers and Frames

PicsArt Mod APK

There are thousands of stickers from the festival stickers to animal stickers that are available to use in the photos. You can make your stickers too to use. All the premium frames are also unlocked to use in this mod application. You can set your photos inside the exclusively premium frames.

Unlocked All Brushes and Mask Effects

You can add effects on the top of your pic with the brush and mask option. The brush option lets you add the effect on the pic where you slide your finger like a pen/brush. These effects can be anything i.e. balloons, colours, rainbow colours, scatter pieces, smoke etc. Whereas the mask option adds an overlay on the pic. All the premium brush effects and masks are unlocked to use in this mod version.

Installation Guide

PicsArt Mod APK

 You can install the app in your device easily with the following steps.

  1. Download PicsArt Mod APK
  2. Open your file manager and go to your download folder
  3. Find out the downloaded Apk, then open it.
  4. Enable unknown source installation.
  5. Now tap on the install button and wait.
  6. Now open the installed app and start your photos’ editing.
  7. If you love using this modified Apk, do share it with others too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PicsArt Mod safe?

Yes. It is safe to install, simple and easy to use.

Are PicsArt’s premium features free to use?

Yes. You can use all the premium features of PicsArt freely with no time limit.

Can we edit video with it?

Yes. Video editing is available in PicsArt’s gold membership. But in mod version, you are getting it unlocked and at no cost.

Can I overlay multiple pics?

Yes. You can overlay multiple pics.

Is there any tutorial for the beginners?

Yes. You can watch the tutorial videos and replays too of other editors.

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Final Verdict

PicsArt Mod APK is a photo as well as a video editing application. It provides all the premium features of the official application completely free. You can follow others on PicsArt and explore their photos too. All the premium features that you are getting for free are explained in this blog. Download PicsArt Mod APK Latest Version from here, follow the installation guide and edit, create your awesome photos and videos. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. Have a creative and lovely day!

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