Top 5 Secret WhatsApp Text Tricks [italic text, text color] 2020

Hey, WhatsApp users how are you? Today in this post will help you lots because I’m gonna share with you Top 5 Secret WhatsApp Text Tricks that you should try. As we know nowadays the most popular messenger or chatting App is WhatsApp where we can chat with our family, friends, etc. With has lots of features that you will better know but many people don’t know about text tricks so if you an author one then this article specially for you. So if you wanna chat with your friend some deferent style like italic text, text color, bold text, etc then follow our this easy method and made your connection more attractive and unique. Now just you have to follow our simple method then you will know all  Secret WhatsApp text tricks.

Whats is WhatsApp Text Tricks?

WhatsApp Text Tricks

May you know many devices have there owned text fonts where you can change fonts many types and it changes your devices only. But WhatsApp has its text fonts feature, that doesn’t know many WhatsApp user so if you want to know those secret text tricks then have to read this post carefully. Now you thing you want you to send some informative message your boos and now you want to highlight some words where you can use our this tricks to bold your highlight word. And WhatsApp text tricks mean you have to add some coding language than your text fonts will change.

To 5 Working Secret WhatsApp Text Tricks

WhatsApp Text Tricks
Text Font NameText Trick
Bold*Your Text*
Italic_Your Text_
Line~Your Text~
BoldItalic*_Your Text_*
Letter Gothic Std Bold“Your Text”

So we hope you will be understood these tricks now its time to chat with new fonts using this cool and easy way. So you don’t need to install an APP to write a bold in WhatsApp you have to just follow these tricks.

Final Victor

If you want to see your self some difference in your social then use these tricks. So if you like these Tricks then share with your finds, family and Thank you for reading this post keep visiting for more informative news and tricks. And if you don’t understand any WhatsApp Text Tricks then leave a comment below we will reply as soon as possible.

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